The end of an era

Dear myself, one year ago,
a lot is about to happen as I now know.
but your darling, future is very bright,
happiness and goals are in clear sight.

Dear my loving Father,
a cheerful life for you I would always rather.
you cope well, as you smile everyday,
you weren’t happy where you were, in all honesty,

To my beautiful Mummy,
I wish a world that is forever sunny.
You are your own person and that is clear,
an independent life for you is very near.

3 bears, yes we used to be,
but it wasn’t meant forever as I see,
the memories will always live on,
and repeat in my head like my favourite song.

Heartbreak – yes there’s nothing worse,
it haunts you, like an evil curse.
Tears up people everyday,
and to anyone feeling this, I want to say.

You are not alone, don’t you worry my dear,
remember, your family love you so don’t shed a tear,
what’s meant to be will happen for a reason,
and you will survive the rainy season.